Santa Barbara


First Semester: February – May


Santa Barbara


1,350 MASL



When Adán was a child, his father had a coffee farm of 7 hectares. From his father he learned everything about coffee production, he taught him how to work with and take care of the coffee trees. He remembers growing up that he was the person in charge of de-pulping the coffee in a manual machine. When Adán was just 15 years old, his father gave him a piece of land from his farm to start his very own little farm by himself. As the years passed, Adán slowly inherited bits of his father’s farm, until he ended up with everything. Once Adán was managing everything, he decided to dedicate full time to coffee production. Now, Adán is starting to share his knowledge with his son, preparing him to receive the farm when he is ready. His son is currently in charge of harvesting the cherries while Adán is in charge of all the post-harvest processes. They are both working together and since 2015, they have been focusing on producing specialty coffee. They were searching for a better market for their coffees and a way out of depending on the C market price. Adán loves his farm because of the shape of the landscapes and the quality of the soil. These characteristics make his farm a fantastic place to produce specialty coffee. Although, there was recently a leaf rust attack on the farm and many the coffee trees suffered, they are currently working on bringing everything back to being healthy and productive for the next harvest. In the short term, Adán plans to renovate many of his coffee trees and plant better varieties that should help him improve the quality of his coffees.

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