The Coffee Rainbow

This exercise at the cherry hopper allows us to show growers how important it is to pick only ripe cherries

Caravela Coffee is a specialty coffee company with roots in Latin America, delivering excellence to coffee roasters throughout the globe.  We build mutually beneficial relationships between outstanding coffee producers and coffee roasters. Our goal is to provide value to all parties involved, ensuring the sustainability of coffee farming for future generations.

Our vision is to be the preeminent supplier of outstanding Latin American coffees to the most discerning roasters throughout the globe, predicated on our unbreakable commitment to quality, professionalism, transparency, integrity, efficiency, innovation and excellent customer service.

We're On the Ground 365 Days a Year

We have origin operations in 7 Latin American countries (Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru), as well as import operations in Australia, Europe and North America. Our team of more than one-hundred and fifty trained coffee professionals believe that delicious tasting coffees are the result of working hand-in-hand with passionate coffee producers.

We operate almost forty cupping labs, often in remote locations, where highly trained quality analysts (as we refer our cuppers) identify and purchase individual deliveries direct from producers. Based on the cup score and physical quality, we pay quality premiums at the point of purchase motivating producers to continuously strive for excellence.

We Develop Relationships

Our longstanding relationships with coffee producers, co-operatives and associations in Latin America and our team of Educators and QC Analysts on the ground allow us to help our producers to continuously produce delicious tasting coffees.

Whether the coffees we buy are blended or separated, we provide unsurpassed transparency and traceability for each purchase. Customers know the producers, quantities, and prices for each lot, and producers know the cup scores their coffees receive from roasters who buy from them.  Roasters can work with individual producers and associations, cultivating long-term partnerships that minimise risk while maximising reward for all.

Quality is the Cornerstone of our Model

We believe in keeping outstanding coffees separate, to recognize the farmers who go the extra mile to produce amazing coffee.  Every year our QC Analysts cup over 20,000 samples from more than 4,500 individual coffee producers, and provide feedback on each one of them. Growers know the quality they are producing, and have the support from our Educators to improve their product.

We don't believe in blending green coffee lots immediately upon purchase or in buying coffee by the “truckload”. In 2003 we pioneered the concept of micro-lots in Colombia, successfully identifying and rewarding outstanding growers for their craftmanship and amazing tasting coffees.

Through our selection process we can assure roasters that the quality of our coffee is the same, harvest after harvest.  Our model is built on different quality grades: RTB, A, AA, AAA and ML.  By not just buying the top scoring lots, we are maximizing the return to the producer whilst offering a diverse product mix to our customers. This discovery process allows us to identify the outstanding micro-lots delivered by exceptional producers, but the foundation of the model is the diversity of quality grades we offer.  This is sustainability at its best.

We Offer Efficient Logistics

Our logistics team ships coffee around the world, year-round.  We control the dry milling process, and in Nicaragua we have 10,000 square meters of shaded raised beds to dry producer's parchment. We offer full containers or less than container quantities, depending on your needs. Our coffees are packed in standard 70kg and 69kg bags in GrainPro, or in 35kg or 34.5kg boxes using our innovative Perdura® System of nitrogen-flushed, vacuum-sealed packs. We maximize efficiencies to deliver your coffee faster, fresher and better tasting, when and where you need it.  

We Add Value

Our business is built on the foundation of trust and integrity.  From longstanding relationships with individual producers and cooperatives through the supply chain to top tier roasters throughout the world, we commit to an honest and transparent working relationship that brings benefits for all involved.