Why we are a B-Corp

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We are part of the B Corp movement because we believe we have responsibility to the planet and the communities we work in. Caravela Coffee is the world´s premier exporter/importer for high quality Latin American coffees. Going beyond that, we set out to provide a positive impact in all sectors of our business. Our footprint in Latin America is considerable. You can find us in the ground in eight Latin American countries, building long-standing relationships with growers, cooperatives, and coffee roasters around the world.

Every year, we taste more than 20,000 samples from over 4,000 coffee farmers and provide feedback on each and every sample. By buying coffee directly from producers based on quality, we maximize their income, while providing hands on education to improve their product. Our extensive infrastructure and team of experts at origin allows us to control and improve quality and ensure efficiency, consistency, and reliability at every step along the supply chain.

Being a B Corp lets client knows that we are a company that believe in transparency, sustainability, accountability, and the environment. It provides guidance on how we can be afforced for good. B Corp, is one of the measurable ways to show the world that we believe in more than just profits. We put a tremendous amount of emphasis on the happiness of our farmer partners and employees. Our coffee analysts are the sons and daughters of coffee farmers, we provide opportunities for them to develop their passion for coffee. It´s exciting to take part in the movement that is revolutionizing the way business operate throughout the world.