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La Cacica

128 coffee producers from the municipality of Oporapa, Huila

La Cacica is a high quality Colombian coffee grown by 100 families from the municipality of Oporapa. This coffee is grown on steep hills in rich volcanic soils.

La Cacica is sold as a “relationship coffee”, a transparent method where all entities that take part in the commercialization of the coffee are aware of the costs involved in the process. This means that trust is developed amongst all parties and it incentivizes coffee growers to continue working on improving their quality.

The association was established in 1985, made up of coffee growers that have an average farm size of four hectares. The co-operative has introduced the farming families to environmentally-friendly growing and processing techniques. La Cacica owes its name to the Cacica Oporapa, the native female chief that ruled the region before Spanish conquers appeared.

“La Cacica is a coffee with a strong character and medium to high citric acidity, it has a very sweet and creamy caramel body with a long-lasting dark chocolate aftertaste”.

Farm Varieties







1,600 – 1,850 MASL

Technical info

First Semester:September – December
Second Semester: April – June

Processing Method

Washed Arabica.


Plantain and Chachafruto trees.

Drying Method

Dried in covered patios.

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