Santa Barbara


First Semester: December – March


Santa Barbara


1,450 MASL


Bourbon · Pacas · Parainema

In 1995, Pedro García moved into the community of Santa Barbara and settled there. In Santa Barbara, he met his wife and he started working as a picker on various coffee farms in the area. However, when he was 26 years old, he moved back to the city to work in several factories which he did for eight years. With the money that he saved from these jobs, he came back to the community and purchased a piece of land, as he had always dreamed of having his own coffee farm. He worked together with a friend, who taught and guided him on how to produce coffee. Last year, he decided to start a new challenge with his coffee production, to produce a coffee that would sell in the specialty coffee market. Pedro was in search for prices that would benefit his family. Thanks to Pedros hard work and the specialty coffee market, Pedro has been able to flourish and prosper with his coffee. He is happy that he can re-invest his income in the farm and implement changes and improvements. Today, he is proud of his farm, because it represents the outcome of much effort over many years. Pedro García looks back and remembers all the difficult financial issues that he and his family have faced and how these affected the quality of the coffee. However, he has overcome all these challenges and is now carrying out well thought out cost tracking to be more profitable and sustainable.

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