Cinema awaited Zlatan! Played a Roman legionnaire in the new film about Asterix and Obelix

It was confirmed on Sunday that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will make his film debut.

Zlatan will appear in Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom the fifth film adaptation of the adventures of the Gauls Asterix and Obelix. This time the story will unfold in China. Everything revolves around the emperor's daughter, who fled to Gaul after the coup d'état. The girl asks Asterix and Obelix to return the throne, and the heroes agree.

By the way, French President Emmanuel Macron agreed to shoot in China.

Ibrahimovic will play a Roman legionnaire named Kai Antivirus.< /p>

This is what a typical Zlatan day looks like.

Invite athletes habitual a case for the creators of stories about the Gali warriors. Michael Schumacher, Amelie Mauresmo, Tony Parker and even Zinedine Zidane starred in films about Asterix and Obelix. Now Zlatan has been added.

The project budget is an impressive $72 million. Producer Alain Attal attributes these figures to the enormity of the idea: It will be a costume film set 2,000 years ago, we will need to build a village, shoot giant battles with numerous extras, apply visual effects and, of course, attract high-profile actors.

< h2>Ibra wanted to be an actor after MLS

Ibrahimovic thought about a career in cinema for a long time: For many years I felt that I could become an actor, because in front of the camera I become myself. We even analyzed the Swede's prospects in a separate text.

Interest in show business was fueled by a year and a half in Los Angeles while playing in the MLS for LA Galaxy. The Swede came from MJ and bought a page in the Los Angeles Times for one line: Dear Los Angeles, never mind. Zlatan starred in commercials, was a guest on popular talk shows, did not forget to score such and such goals, and stated several times in interviews that he intended to try his hand at cinema.

I don't care if I play the good guy or the bad guy. I'm like a chameleon, I can adapt to anything. I have suggestions from the world of cinema, but I need something really worthwhile, the Swede revealed his plans back in 2018.

And then a good option turned up. After not the most impressive box office performance of previous films, Asterix at the Olympics and Asterix and Obelix in Britain decided to refresh the series with a new approach to the choice of actors. Gerard Depardieu, who played the role of Obelix in all previous films, will be replaced by Gilles Lelouch in the new film. Guillaume Canet will direct, and he will also play the role of Asterix.

Zlatan's character is unlikely to get much screen time, but the ambition extends even beyond supporting roles. Ibra does not hide it: I think I would be more suitable for the main role, such as Rambo or Jason Bourne, because I have all the necessary skills. I was told that with my accent I could play a bad guy, but I can do more.

We once did a sketch with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Zlatan was better

< p> Ibra proved more than once that he has the talent of reincarnation. In May 2018, a couple of months after moving to LA Galaxy, Zlatan came to the popular US show Very Late with James Corden on CBS. Ian Carmel, co-creator of the show and NBA fan, was not very interested in football, but his British colleagues in the creative team explained that it was not an ordinary athlete who was attending them. You won't believe what you see when you meet him, Carmel recalled their words. It's like Dennis Rodman and Allen Iverson in one bottle.

Specially for Zlatan, they came up with a five-minute sketch where the Swede played Zlatan, a tactless and narcissistic fortune teller from a slot machine who advised James Corden to be Zlatan in order to achieve your goals.

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