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Silence from time to time is needed to everyone. The rhythm of modern life creates a lot of noise, and it is not separated from him. The closer to the city center - the greater the noise pollution. The medical is proven that for normal well-being, a person needs peace. In the atmosphere of constant noise, the body is more susceptible to stress, mood drops, neurosis. Nearness and stress can lead to a protracted depression. Noise pollution - the same problem as air or water pollution. If you do not take measures on time, the consequences may be monstrous.

One of the most simple options for protecting your dwelling from constant noise is the installation of high-quality double-glazed windows. The PVC windows are ideal for those who intend to protect themselves from excessive noise and not to spend great sound insulation.

Thanks to the features of the design of the plastic window, a worthy level of sound insulation is provided. The profile of the window is divided into a plurality of cameras that are filled with air. Multi-chamber not only protects against high or low temperatures, it is also designed to disperse sound waves. Also sound insulation properties also have a glass. Double-glazed windows are different in design and, depending on its complexity, provide different protection against noise.

Medically reasonable sanitary rate noise for residential premises is 35 dB during the daytime day and 25 dB - in the night. The noise level in the center of the city reaches 90 dB. Based on these calculations, you can decide alone exactly what the glass package is preferred.

So, there are three factors on which the soundproofing level depends: the thickness of the glass, the thickness of the air "gap" between the glasses, as well as the tightness of the action. For example, a two-chamber double glass has 3 glass with a thickness of 4 mm, and a thickness of "cameras" 12 mm and 8 mm. Such a glass is indicated by writing 4-12-4-8-4 and is able to reduce the noise level by 40 dB. This is the perfect option for the apartment, both in a quiet place and in the city center. With a high-quality installation of such double-glazed windows throughout the apartment, they will reduce the noise pollution so that you feel like under water. For a complete illusion, it remains only to turn on the echo sounder and go to look for fish.

And remember. Noise pollution - the same important problem as any other type of contamination. Do not save on your health. Protect yourself and seven from noise - install high-quality plastic windows. The site contains the best 100 online casinos in the world
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