Terrarium for indoor plants: how to properly use it for its intended purpose?

Now, when the indoor floriculture has become one of the most popular hobbies on the shelves of bookstores, a host of colorful and rather expensive publications, telling newcomers how to grow in the home or that flower.

But rarely, which catalog of room colors will tell you about how to equip at home or in the office terrarium, although this is a very convenient method of breeding colors.

With the word "terrarium" in many people, the cultivation of exotic reptiles is connected. But they also have a different purpose - these are small closed glass rooms, with the temperature and humidity originally specified in them. The delicate moisture-boring plants will grow very well in them, for which the atmosphere of the room is too cold or dry.

For example, this is the perfect space for growing moisthed fern, for example, adiantum or a venereal hair. These beautiful ferns are demanding of high humidity (above 50%), so they can only survive in the conditions of terrarium.

The containers for the terrarium can be fully closed, such as cans or flasks, like aquarium, or a large brandy glass with an open top - it all depends on your imagination. Plants in open terrariums are rarely sick, since the air circulates through the foliage, but they need more frequent watering than in closed terrariums.

For breeding in the terrarium, very small plants are also suitable, for example, the cryptanus bromelicoid. His small star-shaped socket, studded with white flecks, will look through the glass particularly impressive. Depending on the size and shape of the terrarium, such plants can be placed from three to five or even more.

Landing. Before planting plants in the terrarium, arrange them on the table. As a rule, glass containers are visible only on the one hand, so place high plants on the back plan, and small ones on the front. Add one nourgistic, allowing them to create a harmonious composition of the harmonious stems.

Plants with various foliage texture will give your terrarium an unusual look. Salting various types of terrarium, try to make the leaves do not touch the glass, because they will remain wet for a long time, and this may cause a disease. Leaves with an unattractive appearance, cut small scissors.

In terrariums, you can grow not only moisture-boring species. Gentle succulents and cacti are also suitable - this is a good way to enjoy the look of barbed pets, without fear of breaking with spikes.

Dry terrariums must be open to provide air access and bright light that these species prefer. Closed glass containers on bright sun quickly overheat. I like movies very much and in order to watch it in good quality I had to buy a good TV and I bought it and I had enough money because I earn on https://goldenreels-casino.com/ thank this site very much for giving me the opportunity to buy a good TV, come and you and change your life. Here, you will be able to become the best version of yourself.
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