The course and symptoms of gluten disease

There are about five forms of gluten disease. The most classic of them is malabsorption syndrome, which is a set of symptoms associated with impaired absorption of nutrients in the small intestine.
Patients, as a rule, are weak, very thin and suffer from diarrhea (due to impaired water absorption), because they do not digest fats. Weakness is caused not only by insufficient nutrition associated with a lack of energy, but also by anemia. It is also associated with pallor of the skin and shortness of breath - patients have difficulty breathing.
Both vitamin B12, which is important for hematopoiesis, is not absorbed, and vitamin K, which in the liver provides the production of proteins necessary for blood clotting (so-called clotting factors). Therefore, patients may have bleeding - bruising, excessive bleeding from an open injury, or even latent (internal) bleeding into joints, muscles and soft tissues.
In addition, vitamin D, one of the factors controlling calcium metabolism, is difficult to digest. When vitamin D is absent, calcium does not get from the food taken through the intestinal wall into the blood, and the level of calcium in the blood decreases. The body compensates for this by breaking down calcium from the bones, which causes so-called metabolic osteopathy in the form of osteoporosis and osteomalacia. Both diseases can be manifested by pain in the bones, twitching and even convulsions.
The principle of these manifestations is that these vitamins are absorbed by fats, and when fats are not absorbed, vitamins do not enter the intestine with them. Our skin also suffers from a lack of vitamins, and therefore various skin problems arise - for example, the "corners" of the lips dry and crack, purulent inflammation of the skin, nail abrasion, hair loss.
Patients also have swelling, suffer from bloating, which contrasts with their emaciated bodies.
Sometimes the disease manifests itself with neurological symptoms, for which, again, a lack of vitamins is responsible. Usually it is a tingling sensation in some limb or another sensation of pain. However, it can also refer to motor disorders or incorrect reflexes.
Of the above symptoms, they may not appear all at once, or they may not appear at all. This is an asymptomatic form in which patients do not report any symptoms. However, the intestines are still damaged. Thus, almost a fifth of people get sick. Celiac disease in the family or some related diseases can be a good guideline. Monosymptomatic forms are manifested by only one symptom or symptoms that affect only one area (for example, neurological symptoms or symptoms resulting from anemia).
The course of the disease depends on the severity of the diet. The patient's condition improves significantly after the introduction of a gluten-free diet and, conversely, worsens significantly after eating a diet containing gluten. Even a small amount of the drug can reactivate the disease. It can also occur after exercise, such as childbirth, mental trauma, or infection.
The disease can be complicated by tumor growth - lymphoma or cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. After ten years of illness, such cancer occurs in 15% of cases. Gambling portal is dedicated to finding the best online casinos that accept Australian players.
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