Tips for the passage of the game of They Are Billions. Passage of the game # 031


Prison is another tactical mission in They Are Billions. As with the previous steps, here you will only manage the hero selected at the beginning of the game. However, during the mission, you will save several Lucifers, the presence of which will greatly facilitate the further passage of the mission. In this chapter you will find step-by-step guide and tips related to the jail mission in history.

How to unlock and goals

How to unlock: Unlock after the end of the Death Valley
The purpose of the mission:
Get a mission object: mission artifact.

The hero must get out of the fortress alive. (Optional)
Get valuable items for the empire (glasses: 260). (Optional)
Get an ancient technology (points: 520).

Note. As part of tactical missions, additional objects for collection are scattered randomly at the beginning of the mission. For this reason, this section has no information about their location - because it is random.


Units Lucifer coped with a large number of weak enemies.

As soon as the mission begins, do not pay attention to the main entrance to prison - it is locked.

Instead, explore the right edge of the card - there, having understood with a small group of enemies, you will find grenades.

Now follow the path leading along the left edge of the card. Collect the first-hidden first aid kit and run through the hole in the wall inside the prison.

Clean the premises of the prison from the enemies and collect here all items - it will give you a lot of glasses of the empire and science.

Go through the entrance, located in the northeastern part of the room, and then continue the path along the path in the south-east. There, at the end of the road, you will find two Lucifer detachments mentioned above.

Hole in the wall leading to the goal of the mission.

Now go to the northern part of the building - there you will find a hole in the wall. Go through it and keep moving to the West. You will return to prison and in the next room will find the mission artifact.

Collect artifact and come back - as usual, you need to return to the place where the mission began. If you want to get extra glasses of the empire or science, you should consider a more detailed study of the card - Lucifer detachments may be useful for this.

Narrow corridors in prison require additional attention.

Finally, several tips that will help you fulfill the prison mission, namely:

Find and save two lucifer detachments - the exact way to this goal is described in the previous paragraph.

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