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Hockey is the most popular winter sport in the world. In Russia, this sports competition is also popular not only among athletes, but also among betters. Hockey has a large number of championships and competitions. The largest of them for domestic sports is held within the framework of the KHL league. On a global scale, the largest and most spectacular ice hockey championship is organized by the NHL. Thus, the bettor has a wide range of events to bet on.


Thus, betting on hockey involves the victory of either one or the other team. Although bookmakers have the opportunity to bet on a draw during the main time of the meeting. Naturally, in this case, the odds will be higher, because there are three possible outcomes. The end result of the match is the victory of one or the other team. You can bet on this result and not worry about a possible draw.

In hockey, you can bet on totals and odds. The performance here is quite high, so in the KHL, bookmakers usually offer an overall total of 4.5.

Do not forget that the highest odds for hockey are available only on the website.

It is also possible to bet on the total number of pucks for a certain period for both or for one team. In addition, in popular championships, bookmakers offer to bet on the player's individual statistics.

One of the features of betting in hockey is the ability to bet on the next goal. According to the rules of the game, in case of gross violations, a team member can be removed from the site. No one comes to replace the removed participant, so the team has to play in the minority. If the opponent manages to score during this time, then the excluded players or players return to the ice. About 20% of situations in the game in the majority ends with a pocketed puck. Therefore, it makes sense to bet on the fact that the team with the numerical superiority will throw the puck during the removal. Moreover, a fairly high coefficient is offered for such a result (in live mode).

Hockey Betting Tips

Before you bet on hockey, follow these simple yet effective tips:

Analyze each of the meeting teams. It is necessary to know in what form the teams are approaching the match, how motivated they are, how long the series of victories lasted;

View the meeting history of these teams. Each, even the strongest team, has difficult rivals, with whom it demonstrates an ambiguous result. If these are just such teams, perhaps you should refrain from betting;

The meeting place is also important - it is always easier to play at home, because the athletes are supported by their audience, and the walls of their own ice palace are warm. Therefore, even a clear outsider in the home arena can win a favorite;

It is necessary to know the state of health of each of the main players. If one of the leaders is injured and cannot perform, then it is likely that the overall level of the team's game will drop significantly;

Most bets on hockey are accepted without taking into account the time in overtime. It is difficult to predict the exact score, because the end result of the meeting, as a rule, is very large. The list of bets in hockey is not as wide as in football, so you have to choose from the types of bets offered. In the KHL and NHL, a short period of time passes between meetings, so you can more reliably assess the form of the team before the upcoming game.

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