4th Race. NOTICIAS DE GIPUZKOA Prize (Handicap) 1.500 metres.

4th Race. NOTICIAS DE GIPUZKOA Prize (Handicap) 1.500 metres.

Predicted by horse-racing.today

1.-PEKEN (FR) 63-60k. He progresses in each start and his improvement is taking place precisely in San Sebastian. He has shown adaptation to the track and his situation in the handicap makes him ready to win. This time she will face the old ones, but that should not be an impediment. Julia Zambudio's clearance puts him in the shot to win with similar weights to the most fearsome oldies. We'll take Paquito Rodriguez's horse to win.


2.-KOHOOF (GB) 62,5-60k. He is in great form since going to Paquito Jimenez's yard. He won in the Madrid straight line with the same jockey of this occasion, Estupiñán. Mare and jockey know each other perfectly. Besides, San Sebastian is a track she loves, where she has already won in the past and this year she was even second. She will give war to Peken and company.


3.-LIGHTNINGSUN 62-59k. Very hot horse that goes out at high speed as soon as the boxes open. A strategy that could be good for him here. In his debut in San Sebastian he was fourth and he was not bad at all. If he doses him well, he could place again. His rider Adrián Martínez is in a state of grace. He will have to scratch for placings.


4.-BATTLE OF WATERLOO (IRE) 60,5k. Cerqueira's horse will have to carry a hard weight, although he will have the guarantee of Fayos in the saddle. Twice second in the past at the Donostia track. He is not at his best. We have questions. The change of scenery may be due to looking for a twist in order to go through the cash register again. Some placement could perhaps add up.


5.-TURIA 58k. On the last occasion improved somewhat compared to the first outings of the year. The expectations placed on her have not been fully met. It seems that she likes to run more on wet tracks, so in a dry terrain she loses some points. Today it seems that she will have it complicated, but it will serve to disprove the question marks that may exist about her.


6.-FORCE CAT (FR) 57,5k. Judging her recent performance in San Sebastian it seems that something has improved. Small flashes of quality that are not enough to figure in this company, but this new start should help him to continue to advance steps to be able to do something important. Not today, but let's not rule it out later on.


7.-DREAM START (GB) 56,5k. Maia Lidador's veteran mare will be progressing start by start. We are convinced that one of these days she will win her handicap in San Sebastian. She is ridden with absolute confidence by Vaclav Janacek. After the two highest value horses we see her as a solid alternative. The reduction to 1.500m should be in her favour. We like her option very much.


8.-HAVANA MAGIC (GB) 55-53,5k. Winner in this track last year giving a good surprise with Loaiza in the saddle. Repeat protagonists a year later, but seems to have lost some points. This time the challenge seems more difficult, so it should not appear.


9.-KANTIO 55-51k. The son of Kantia is another horse of the Buelna Equii stable that is in a state of grace. This horse also has been trained for the first time by Ion Elarre, which means that he does not have to travel and he knows the Donostia venue better. Cristina Pérez has a good performance. She will surely improve her last engagements, but being in the money may still be too soon. More to come.


10.-STERLING GOLD 52,5-49,5k. This summer she looks like another mare since her debut in Miguel Alonso's training. Now it is usual to see her fighting for the finish and her prize should come soon taking advantage of her light scale. In fact her recent second place was very encouraging. Vicky Alonso's offload helps her, but the top numbers of the lot look hard to beat. She will be back in the money in the hunt for that well-deserved win.



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