First Semester: May – July Second Semester:  October – December




1,800 MASL


Caturra · Typica · Colombia

Luis Herney Velasco has been related to coffee since he was a child. When he was young, Luis Herney worked together with his father, however, the roles of each on the farm have changed with the passing of the years. Before, Luis Herney was just his father’s helper. When he came back from school, over the weekends and on vacations, Luis went around the farm with his father, helping him and learning about everything he did. After years of familiarizing himself with the coffee production, Luis Herney started involving himself more on the farm. Now, 27 years old, Luis Herney has taken the control and management of the farm and his father helps him with the post-harvest processes. From all his time in coffee and being a producer, Luis Herney has learned how to produce high-quality coffee and we have a great relationship with him. A couple of years ago, Luis Herney used to be a promoter for our PECA team, working handin-hand with our agronomists to educate other producers in the area on how to improve farm processes and ultimately, how to produce better quality coffee. Now, he is focused on learning about cupping. When he is not busy with the farm activities, Luis Herney visits our cupping lab in Pitalito, to learn how to cup and understand the good and bad characteristics of his coffee, to see how he can make farm-level improvements. His short-term plans are to increase the percentage of specialty coffee production and to produce consistently high-quality coffee.

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