Jose Efraín Landaverde & Maria Victoria Solis

Finca El Escorpión


El Salvador


La Palma


December – January




1,200 MASL


Pacas  Catimor

Finca El Escorpión is a family business. Jose Efraín Landaverde comes from a coffee growing family and has been involved in coffee ever since he can remember. When Efraín and Maria Victoria got married, ten years ago, Maria Victoria arrived in the farm and she started working on organizing the processes and keeping record of all the numbers to have a proper finantial structure and start to be profitable. As she watched her husband work at the farm, she started learning about the processes and identifying the right times and points of fermentation and drying process.

Four years ago they both decided to start producing specialty coffee as they realized that producing specialty coffee was much more profitable than conventional coffee, as long as they managed a proper accounting. Today, they are proud of the quality that they have achieved with tremendous efforts and applying all what they’ve learned together as a family. Maria Victoria is in charge of the management and keeping records and Efrain is in charge of carrying out the processes and hiring workers to help them. The road to this farm is very satisfying when you get to see the hard work and passion of these two. Their plan is to continue improving the quality of their coffee with better fertilization and post-harvest practices.

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