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Colombia has many talented musicians and actors. Who hasn’t heard of Shakira, J Balvin and Maluma, right? You’ve also likely seen Sofia Vergara in the US sitcom Modern Family and as juror in America’s Got Talent. And who doesn’t know Juan Valdez?

Well, prepare for the chance to meet some of Colombia’s most talented coffee growers and share with your customers coffees that truly sing!


The Auditions and Semi-Finals

Our quality team in Colombia auditioned thousands of growers during the harvest to scout some of the best microlots grown along the Colombian highlands. They selected over 100 lots, which were then cupped by Alexis Villamil, Quality Director for Colombia & Ecuador, and Alejandro Cadena, our CEO/Co-founder, yielding the 25 microlots that have made it to the semi-finals.

These 25 lots will feature in our first ever Colombia’s Got Talent competition. Samples of these 25 lots have been sent to our prestigious international jury located in Asia, Australia, United Kingdom and Unites States!

Our seasoned judges will cup and then choose the top ten microlots that will progress to the Final Round, where the public will help select the winners: roasters from all over the world will get to cup these lots in their labs, submit their scores, and decide the winner!

Best of all, the top-3 growers – based on the average score of all participating roasters, will receive monetary prizes and participating roasters will get a chance to purchase their top-scoring lots – if they score them the highest.

The Participants

24 of the most talented coffee growers of Colombia, from the departments of Cauca, Huila, Tolima and Nariño.

The Jury

Unfortunately, Simon Cowell had to decline his participation at the last minute due to a conflict. Nevertheless, we have selected a stellar and diverse jury to select the 10 lots that will make it to the Final Round:

Aïssatou Diallo

Sun Huang

Badi Bradley

Mark Howard

Want to Participate in the Final Round and help select the winner?
  • Pay an upfront fee of USD $50, which will be credited towards the final value of your purchase or used as a credit memo for a future purchase from Caravela
  • Sign up to participate by filling the online form here , and pay the fee via PayPal or credit card
  • Participation is limited to active Caravela customers worldwide and limited to a maximum of 30 roasters, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Deadline to sign up is 14 October 2020. 


The Final Round
  • A 200-gram green coffee sample of each lot will be sent to each participating roaster
  • If you would prefer to receive roasted samples, we can provide 50gr roasted samples from all lots for an additional cost of USD 50 
  • Participants are required to cup and submit their scores for all ten coffees before October 30th
  • The lot with the highest average score will win the competition
  • The roaster that assigns the highest score for each lot will win the respective lot. If there is a tie, roasters can amicably decide how to split the lot
  • Lots will be vacuum-packed and nitrogen-flushed in 35-kg Perdura boxes and will be ready to ship on November 5, 2020. Prompt shipment and import of these lots can be easily arranged by air freight or by sea with any of our import office


Lot Sizes 

Lots will vary in size but will be between 70 kg and 350 kg of green coffee (2 to 10 boxes).


* Exotic process or variety (e.g., Geisha, Pink Bourbon, anaerobic processes)

Lots can be consolidated in our normal containers leaving Colombia or, if needed, airfreight quotes can be provided.


The top 3 growers will receive the following prizes, in addition to the sale of their lot to the highest scoring roaster:

PlacePrize (USD)
1st Place1,000
2nd Place500
3rd Place250

Date Activity
October 5thSign-up starts
October 13thTop-10 Finalists Announced
October 14thDeadline for roasters to sign-up to participate
October 16thSamples sent to Participating Roasters
October 30thDeadline to submit cupping scores to Caravela
November 5thResults announced via Zoom call
top 15 lots
IDProducer NameFarmMunicipalityDepartmentAltitude (masl)# BOXESVarietyProcessCupper’s Notes
NAR-01117Jose GomezEl ParaisoBuesacoNariño1.80010GeishaWashedVanilla, blackcurrant, grapefruit,orange blossom, pineapple candy,  vibrant, complex, floral, elegant finish
PAL-04093Teresa de Jesus OspinaBetaniaPalestinaHuila1.7156Pink BourbonNaturalGuava, juicy, tropical, jolly rancher, natural wine, sweet cherry starbust, currant, complex, very sweet
PIF-00671Pedro ClarosLa ChorreraPitalitoHuila1.6007Pink BourbonWashedCurrants, amaretto, tropical, melon, black tea, toffee, melon, lychee, round body, filling, balanced
NAR-01112Pedro MezaLas PalmasBuesacoNariño2.00010CastilloWashedBlueberries, pinto noir, plums, cinnamon, grapefruit, peach, round, syrupy, creamy, nice sharp bite, long aftertaste
NAR-01088Melky ChavezBuena VistaBuesacoNariño1.80010CaturraWashedKiwi, stonefruit, lemon-lime, grapefruit, juicy orange, full body on cooling, crisp aftertaste
HER-06578Einar Ortiz FallaLa SiberiaHerreraTolima1.6505GeishaAnaerobicFlorals, bergamot, botanical, floral, orange marmalade, dry fruits, great structure on cool, sugar syrup
PAL-04131Linarco RodriguezEl BosquePalestinaHuila1.7159Pink BourbonWashedMarzipan, peach, blackberries, raspberry, malic acidity, gingerbread, complex, juicy, creamy
PLA-14026Benedicto YaraEl GuamoLa PlataHuila 1.70010ColombiaWashedRaisins, cherry, concord grape, pineapple, complex, tart, nougat, long sweet aftertaste
NAR-01107Lucas MeloEl CairoConsacaNariño2.30010ColombiaWashedDelicate, tea-like, tangerine, peach, floral, lemongrass, syrupy, expands on finish, complex
IBA-00462Jairo LopezVilla NoreñaIbagueTolima1.75010Yellow BourbonWashedPassionfruit, floral, lime zest, pink apple, marshmellow, hazelnut praline, lucios body
PLA-13824Ulpiano EviaSan FelipeLa PlataHuila1.65010CaturraWashedApricot, vanilla, marzipan, plum wine, caramel, complex acidity, well balanced, long aftertaste
PAL-04094Eugenia RodriguezSan GabrielPalestinaHuila1.70010Pink BourbonHoneyCandy floss, cranverry juice, turkish delight, lime, lemongrass, tangerine, condensed milk, lingering
GAI-07625Jairo Ciro GutierrezBuenavistaPlanadasTolima1.73010Caturra-ColombiaWashedToffee, plums, cinnamor, stonefruit, apricorm candied apple, elegant
PAL-04091Linarco RodriguezEl BosquePalestinaHuila1.7158Pink BourbonHoneyDried mango, cranberries, nutmeg, rosewater, pink lemonade, walnut, berry jam, agave
GAL-00701Belisario OpocueEl CarrizoPaezCauca1.75010CaturraWashedBlood orange, marshmellow, guava, clementine, passion fruit, candy sweetness, hints if nuts, caramel
Roaster Participants on the Final Round

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