Green Coffee Spot Offerings

Perhaps your perfect coffee is already in store and waiting for you in one of our warehouses in Australia!

The following list contains the information about our Green Coffee Offerings that we have available in our warehouses in Australia where we store coffee. All coffees are available immediately for sale on a SPOT basis.  We are not a spot business, we specialize in facilitating long term relationships where everyone wins. But sometimes you have to try before you buy. If you are interested in having a sample from our Green Coffee Offerings, please do not hesitate to request a sample or contact us. We endeavor to keep the lists current with regards to cup quality information, quantities, price, and availability. However, do note that availability for each coffee is subject to change without previous notice.

Request Green Coffee Samples

Based on the following list
CountryMarksPackagingCup ScoreWarehouseQuantity availablePrice AUD/KgICORequest a sampleLearn moreNotesCategoryProcess
ColombiaPeebies Decaf Lot 335035kg bag84.5Sydney2711.00 03-0178-00597-19Here Heretropical, malt, toffee, citric acidityDecafFully Washed
ColombiaPeebies Decaf Lot 336635kg bag85Sydney3411.00 03-0178-01075-19Here HereBlackcurrant, mulberry, candied lemon, sherbert, richDecafFully Washed
ColombiaLa Serrania Decaf35kg bagSydney2113.4503-0178-00848-19Here HereBerry, dried fig, tropical, sugarcaneDecafFully Washed
ColombiaJose Olmes Andrade35kg bag85.5Sydney114.50 03-0178-00658-19HereN/ABalanced, soft tartaric acidity, panela, plum and buttery.Single FarmFully Washed
ColombiaAndino35kg bag86Sydney213.5003-0178-00625-19Here HereBergamot, rose, balanced structure, delicateCommunity BlendFully Washed
ColombiaMartha Ligia Reina35kg bag86Sydney515.9003-0178-00735-19HereN/AHoney, plum, almond, sweet, creamySingle FarmFully Washed
ColombiaLa Virgen35kg bag84.5Sydney4811.6503-0178-00815-19Here Here Plum, winey, creamy, grape, raisin, cardamonCommunity BlendFully Washed
ColombiaAndino35kg bag85Sydney10812.0503-0178-00825-19Here HereToffee, blackcurrent, velvety, orange blossom, cocoaCommunity BlendFully Washed
ColombiaSan Fermin35kg bag86Sydney416.1503-0178-00838-19Here HereCaramel, blackcurrant, groundnut, dried fig, malt, very sweetCommunity BlendFully Washed
ColombiaJose Manuel Cantillo Jacobo-Geisha35kg bag87Sydney445.0003-0178-00722-19**Limited sample stock available**N/Aclove, blackberry, grape, juicy, transparent, good intensity/distinctionSingle FarmFully Washed
El SalvadorTalquezalar34.5kg bag85.75Sydney1817.90 09-466-08-04-19HereN/AGranny smith apple, red grape, caramel, vanilla, silky, tropical, cleanCommunity BlendFully Washed
El SalvadorLos Chelazos Honey34.5kg bag85Sydney4514.25 09-466-08-07-19Here HereHazelnut, caramel, honey, plum, chocolate, rich dried fruitCommunity BlendHoney 
GuatemalaLa Ruda34.5kg bag85Sydney3412.70 11-991-0016-19Here Heregrape, peach, sugarcane, currant, caramel, malic acidityCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaLos Ancestros34.5kg bag85.5Sydney4012.70 11-991-0017-19Here Herewiney, grape, peanut brittle, orange, full body, roundedCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaTemplo Lot 006434.5kg bag85.5Sydney15911.90 11-991-0034-19Here HereMulberry, peach, nougat, almond, pineapple acidity, clean finishCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaTemplo Lot Lot 008034.5kg bag86Sydney2814.5011-991-0080-19Here Herehoney, apricot, peach nectar, caramel, floral, malic acidityCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaLa Cometa34.5kg bag85.5Sydney2512.7011-991-0081-19Here HereCitrus, peach tea, cardamon, cocoa, balanced, velvety Community BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaPerla Negra34.5kg bag86Sydney6414.5011-991-0082-19Here HereWatermelon, brown sugar, herbal, mandarin, dried pineapple, creamyCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaLa Leona34.5kg bag86.5Sydney7714.5011-991-0103-19Here Herepink lady apple, caramel, berry, candysweet, clementine, refined, structureCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaPerla Negra-Pacamara34.5kg bag86Sydney2014.5011-991-0104-19Here Herestrawberry, creamy, stewed fruit, sugarcane, complex, cherryCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaSanta Emilia34.5kg bag86.5Sydney1118.3511-991-0105-19HereN/Atoffee, papaya, yellow nectarine, nougat, creamyCommunity BlendFully Washed
GuatemalaLa Esmeralda - Hermes Perez - Geisha34.5kg bag87Sydney168.0011-991-0053-19**Limited sample stock available**N/Acitric acidity, jasmine honeysuckle, balanced, honey, elegant/malic red fruit, raisin, citric peel, coconut mouthfeel, spice, nutmegSingle FarmFully Washed
GuatemalaValle Escol - Juan Pablo Guerra - Pacamara 87Sydney123.0011-991-0054-19Here Herelime, zesty, blood orange, sugared tamarind, red grape, jammy, winey, complex, citric bright finish, wineySingle FarmFully Washed
HondurasCabañas Blend34.5kg bag86Sydney5013.9013-116-95-03-19HereN/APear, malic acidity, nutmeg, nougat, toffee, cola, sugar cane, sweet, green appleCommunity BlendFully Washed
HondurasSecundino Sabillon - Parainema34.5kg bag86.5Sydney2216.0013-116-95-04-19HereN/AApricot, vibrant, pudding, raisin, chocolate, very sweetSingle FarmFully Washed
HondurasAnibal Baca34.5kg bag87Sydney1618.0513-116-95-06-19HereN/ABlackcurrant, passionfruit, honey, caramel, structuredSingle FarmFully Washed
HondurasWilmer Figueroa-El Toronjil34.5kg bag86Sydney1316.0013-116-95-08-19HereN/APrune, jaffa, raisin, cola, citric aciditySingle FarmFully Washed
HondurasJesus Sabillon34.5kg bag86Sydney4116.0013-116-95-09-19HereN/AApricot, red currant, intense, dark cherry, hops, balancedSingle FarmFully Washed
HondurasOtoniel Sagastume34.5kg bag86.5Sydney2014.9513-116-95-12-19Here HereOrange blossom, melon, nectarine, caramel, tea-like, juicySingle FarmFully Washed
HondurasOtoniel Sagastume - Parainema34.5kg bag86Sydney1616.0013-116-95-13-19Here HereCandied Lemon, pineapple, star anise, peach, good structureSingle FarmFully Washed
MexicoFlor de Corazon Lot 001434.5kg bag85Sydney3213.65 016-3008-0014-19Here HereNougat, creamy, balanced, soft grape, citrus peelCommunity BlendFully Washed
MexicoSierra Mixteca34.5kg bag85Sydney3113.65 016-3008-0015-19Here HereHazelnut, floral, caramel, long sweetness, velvety, cherry, dark chocolateCommunity BlendFully Washed
MexicoFlor de Corazon Lot 001634.5kg bag86Sydney917.70 016-3008-0016-19Here HereCaramel, plum, berry, citrus, purple fruits, velvety, tangerine.Community BlendFully Washed
MexicoMonte Alban Lot 001734.5kg bag86Sydney217.70 016-3008-0017-19Here Herecomplex citrus, almond, creamy mouthfeel, tangerine, dried fruitsCommunity BlendFully Washed
MexicoChiapas34.5kg bag83Sydney12010.60 016-3008-0018-19Here HereCaramel, floral, spices, sour cherry, red currant, grape, almond finishCommunity BlendFully Washed
MexicoLas Cotorras34.5kg bag86Sydney818.80 016-3008-0019-19Here HereCherry. caramel. tangerine. balanced acidity.Community BlendFully Washed
MexicoFinca Miravalle34.5kg bag86Sydney228.00016-3008-0020-19**Limited sample stock available**N/ADark cherry. tangelo. green grape. juicy.Community BlendNatural
NicaraguaLa Trampa Lot 050335kg K-bag86Sydney109.00 017-422-05-03-19Here HereBlueberry. citric acidity. sugarcane. complex.Community BlendFully Washed
NicaraguaLa Trampa Lot 140134.5kg bag85Sydney1139.00 017-422-14-01-19Here HereMaple syrup. grape. cocoa. orange zest. creamy.Community BlendFully Washed
NicaraguaLa Estrella34.5kg bag84.5Sydney2449.00 017-422-30-01-19Here HereCaramel. berrries. orange. clean.Community BlendFully Washed
NicaraguaEl Vocan Maracaturra34.5kg bag85Sydney1912.60017-422-34-04-19HereStrawberry. sugarcane. grape. vibrant.Community BlendFully Washed

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