Los Colores de Nuestro Café

Creating beauty and harmony

As we go through our days drinking coffee, from cup to cup, we often find ourselves wondering where our next cup will come from. Many of us have devoted our careers and lives to finding that perfect cup. A life that can be frustrating but also joyful. We're not in it for the caffeine, but rather the love for the art. We're in it for the story. How do we convey that to others?

Art has the inherent ability to be manifested in many ways. You can hold art in the form of a sculpture or figure. You can hear art when attending a symphony.  You can see art in a painting or at the theatre. You can taste art when a coffee is cultivated, processed, roasted, and poured to near perfection. The point is that "Art" exists in many forms. At it's core, it is a physically manifested entity of human expression. It takes us into the experience of another and allows us to share in their vision of the world. 

You may be asking why art is so important to us. Just like you, we're in search of the perfect cup. Day to day, we find ourselves asking, where is our next cup going to come from. Which Latin American region will rise up to the challenge, grab the olympic torch, and run with heart towards quality? Often, it is just one producer at a time.

As a company that responsibly sources coffee throughout Latin America, we have a commitment to the growers we work with and their children. For us, nothing is more important than maintaining a strong connection with them. These children after all are the future of coffee. The boys and girls who know what it means to see a seedling sprout from the nursery, grow strong, and stand tall on a hill-top with brothers and sisters.  

Los Colores de Nuestro Café, an art competition, is about honoring that connection. It's about seeing the world through a child's eyes. Not just any child, but a child immersed in the world of coffee. What does that world look like to to them?  -AZD

The Contest Locations: El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia and Ecuador.

Who is Participating: Children ages 7-15 who are immediate relatives of the growers we work with: (sons and daughters, stepchildren, grandchildren, nephews.)

Submissions: We invite the children of the coffee growers we work with to submit their drawings for consideration. They can be any format, size, and artistic style. The only thing that matters is that the piece has to matter to them. 

Prize: The winning entries will be painted as murals on our cupping labs and warehouses.

Pre-selection of finalists: From each area / country the best 3 entries will be selected.

Instagram Voting: APRIL 12- 30: El Salvador & Nicaragua, JULY 1-15 Colombia & Ecuador.  

Winning Entries: There will be one winner for each area voted upon and decided by our Instagram followers. The drawings with the most "likes" will be named the winners. 

Fairness: All proposals will be published one after the other, giving each drawing the same time and opportunity.

Caravela Coffee Statement about NC House Bill 2

Caravela Coffee is opposed to discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, or age.   As a global company, human rights and dignity are core to Caravela Coffee's values. 

We are opposed to the passage of HB2 in the North Carolina General Assembly.  This law will reduce protections against discrimination in the state and do not reflect our values.  Caravela Coffee will continue to practice our non-discrimination policies in the workplace consistent with our belief in inclusion, equality and respect.