Notes from Peru: Part I

Peru is currently experiencing devastating flooding and mudslides due to the El Niño phenomenon. At this point in time, there have been over 70 deaths reported and 115,000 individuals left homeless. Half of Peru’s 24 regions have declared a state of emergency as roads, bridges, airports, and highways that connect affected areas to the rest of the country have been closed off. There is a real concern that standing water from flooding will likely cause further outbreaks of mosquito borne diseases such as Dengue and Zika.


Prior to my time at Caravela, I spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru. The current flooding has greatly affected both the departments of Lima, where I did my training, and La Libertad, where I completed my service. During my time there, I was taken in as family and shown great hospitality. I look back on my time in Peace Corps fondly and consider Peru a second home. I have been in touch with my Peruvian friends and family there, and many of them are among the thousands without homes, water, power, and food.

In support of Peru, Caravela Coffee is once again partnering with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to raise relief funds(find out more about the CRS facts  clicking here). During the months of April and May, Caravela Coffee will donate 20 cents out of every pound of Peruvian coffee sold out of currently held spot positions at Continental Terminals in New Jersey and The Annex in Oakland, California. These proceeds will go directly to Catholic Relief Services, earmarked for Peru flood relief. You can find a listing of Peruvian spot coffees here


Also, for those based in the Bay Area, below is a link to an upcoming Peru fundraiser on April 22nd in Berkeley, CA, being hosted by a good friend and former Peru Peace Corps volunteer, Merril Seidl.

¡Adelante! Raising Funds for Peru